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标题: About Haba Snow Mountain&GPS data [打印本页]

作者: 菜菜    时间: 2010-5-12 08:10     标题: About Haba Snow Mountain&GPS data

"haba" as the Naxi language, meaning gold of the flowers. Haba Snow Mountain and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in folklore is seen as brothers, in addition to Haba Snow Mountain is also seen as the local Tibetan people's sacred mountain. Jinsha River from the middle of two tall and straight flow through the mountains, forming a Tiger Leaping Gorge.
Haba Snow Mountain high and low altitude due to huge differences in the formation of a clear vertical mountain climate, followed by distribution of the sub-tropical, temperate, cold temperate, boreal and other climatic zones, the temperature difference between the foot and top up to 22.8 degrees, the climate has bred a vertical zonal distribution of ecological series. Chilling three-dimensional distribution of the alpine vegetation belt, alpine meadow and alpine scrub, fir, spruce, fir needle, montane evergreen broad-leaved forest, dry and hot valley shrub with such a wide variety of plants. In the dense virgin forest, the habitat of many rare animals.
Haba Snow Mountain main peak altitude of 5396 meters, the peak year-round frozen. The main peak upright aloof, stand four small peaks around the ring from afar, just like the one shining silver crown Baoding. With the season, the change Teenage alternate, Xuefeng unpredictable, and sometimes steam fog cloud cover, Baoding disappeared the next; sometimes clouds and misty, faint trace strands of waves in the peaks, the "clouds mood if they wish, with snow with spit swallow. " At an altitude of 4,700 meters where cliff was beaded with icefall, is China's southernmost latitude maritime temperate glacier. It is said that the attitudes of the horn Creepy, edge ridge, U-shaped valley and moutonnee is the remains of ancient glaciers. There are numerous mountain protected areas moraine lake, most of the altitude of 3,500 meters. Among them, the Black Sea, round the sea, the Yellow Sea, the best double sea view.

Haba Snow Mountain GPS data
Haba Village: E100.08.110 N27.18.935 altitude: 2626 m
Base camp :E100.05.419 N27.20.556 altitude: 4115 m
C1 camp: E100.06.382 N27.19.766 altitude: 4967 m
Peak: E100.06.230 N27.19.161 altitude: 5396 m

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